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in 1996, Stations was born primarily out of doing character research for a musical I was in at the time. After winning the part of, Stine in a production of, City of Angels, I began to explore what it would be like to be a writer, as that is what the characters background consisted of, and what the premise of the entire musical was also based around... Little did I realize at the time, but after one month of doing this, "character research" I was on my way to writing my first play.

The next part of the journey for this newly written piece would come after many conversation with my partner at the time, ending in booking the venue where, Stations would make its world premier.

Once this step was taken, along with every cent I had in the world, it would seem there was no going back. Not only was a newly born writer, it seemed that now I was also a newly born producer... How hard could it be?

Once the cast, director and anyone else who wanted to be involved was gathered, I hit the ground running! There were sets to make and paint, costumes to gather, rehearsal space, tickets to sell, radio interviews to sell the show, rehearsals in between all this, and let's not forget rewrite after rewrite.

So four month after its conception, along with a few sleepless nights, and a sneaky little Disney tour of Singapore in between, on the 18th of March 1997, BOOMBA Productions (BIGCATPRODUCTIONS predecessor) presented the world premier of, Stations at the Carlton Courthouse.

During its run, Stations was blessed to play to full houses every night, and was placed on the "A List" in the Age for best play to see in Melbourne at that time.

Later on that year, Stations was further blessed by winning four awards from the Victorian Drama League for...

VDL Direction
VDL Direction
VDL Actor VDL Sound

Boomba Productions

Andrew Johnson

Doug Dew

Boomba Productions

VDL LOGOVictorian Drama League Awards 1997

Stations has never been staged since. There has been discussions of its return, but this would only happen if its next conception could be realized, and that would be to transform it into a musical.




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