As an actor, singer, writer, producer, and Managing Director of BIGCATPRODUCTIONS, Jeffery's experience covers many facets of the entertainment industry.

As an actor and singer, Jeffery began his career at the age of six in his first performance of, "The Emperor's New Clothes." After appearing in a few more productions, it wouldn't be until many years later that he would find himself back in the land of performing as sport filled his youth.

With a disciplined outlook and a dogged determination, Jeffery soon forged out a career in the entertainment industry, covering both stage and screen.

Some of his acting credits in these arenas are: The Ken & Barbie Killers, Ascension, Underground - The Julian Assange Story, Rush, Killing Time, Sex Lies and Double Lives, Exit, Blue Heelers, Faith is Red, Servus, 12-ish, Ribbons, Serenity, On The Town, The White City Fix, In Between Seasons, The Coat, Play Dead, The Lovers, Stingers, City Of Angels, Mission Impossible, Neighbours, The Big Steal, amongst many others.

As a writer, Jeffery more or less stumbled into this vocation whilst playing the part of Stine in the 1996 Musical production of, City of Angels.

Like most diligent actors, Jeffery began doing character research for his part, which in this case involved writing. As he moved through his characters journey and began to get a feel of what it was like to actually write something, he had no idea that he was on his way to writing his first play called, Stations.

In early 1997, wanting to complete the full journey with his newly finished piece, Jeffery decided to produce and play one of the leads in this play. To his surprise, Stations went on to play to full houses and was placed at the top of the "A List" in The Age, for the best theatre production to see in Melbourne at that time…. And to an even a greater surprise, while he was on tour overseas later on that year, Stations went on to win 4 awards from the Victorian Drama League for Best Production, Best Direction, Best Supporting Actor and Best Sound... A good outcome for his first play, and a great incentive to maybe hit the keyboard again.

Since then Jeffery has continued to write, completing numerous full length stage, film and television pieces, children's books, as well as many songs and background scoring for the various projects.

On the producing and production side, Jeffery continues to work on his various projects which are listed on His Project page. Some of the previous projects he has worked on are, Get Ace! The Emmy nominated animation series and Rock It! with Galaxy Pop Entertainment. He has also co-produced with Incognita Enterprises, on the documentary, Champion: The man behind the miracle mile as well as other Incognita projects. Jeffery has also published his first children's book, Meet The Malamites, the first book in a series of ten.

Jeffery continues to work as a performer, writer and producer in the film, television and theatre industy, and is grateful to be doing what he loves.

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Photograph: © James Penlidis